Haunts History

Like most historic towns, Denton is haunted by stories of a forgotten past.

This is the public blog for DENTON HAUNTS Ghost Tour, a walking Historic Ghost Tour in Denton, Texas that is faithful to this fascinating past while also entertaining you with stories of ghosts and hauntings. Both history and mystery, true and boo, our tales in a walking tour of the historic Denton Courthouse Square come from archival research, interviews, and oral lore about local legends. Founded by “Doc” (a local university professor) in the fall of 2011, our mission is to educate and entertain with TRUE ghost stories, history, and hidden secrets from Denton’s past and present even as we actively contribute to the groovy local culture of Denton. Partnering with Doc in 2012 is Shelly Tucker, a celebrated professional storyteller and recognized “American Masterpiece” by the National Endowments for the Arts, who brings her enchanting Texas twang to investigating the tales. Besides stories about Denton’s historic ghosts and hauntings, we’re also expanding our growing catalog of tales to include Denton’s Wild West Frontier Days, Paranormal Scares on the Square, Campus Haunts of UNT and TWU, The Quakertown Story, a HERstory of Denton’s Ladies and Wild Women, and maybe a cemetery tour of the I.O.O.F.’s residents of distinction.

Schedule updates and special events can also be found on our public FACEBOOK page but we are also available for booking group tours (for 10 or more) if your organization, club, or family gathering would like to hear about Denton’s history and mystery during the off-season! Drop a line to dentonhaunts@yahoo.com to book your group’s tour or inquire about creating a special event with one of our participating merchants! Meanwhile, poke through our archives to get a taste of our local tales!

All content is trademarked and any use without express written permission is strictly forbidden… and a pretty rotten thing to do, regardless, shame on you!

Denton’s 2nd courthouse, 1876

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  1. snz0004 says:

    What is your email where we can contact you?

  2. st says:

    Please send your stories or inquiries to dentonhaunts@gmail.com !

  3. Lance Oliver says:

    We at Denton Area Paranormal Society (DAPS) are also interested in the efforts to spread the word about local places with a mysterious air, and we would love to share experiences and see a ghost tour happen!

    Please contact us:

    Our site – http://www.dapsghost.com

    Email – orbhunterx@yahoo.com

    Phone – 940-591-1494

    We also have a Yahoo Group dedicated for ongoing discussions, plans, ect…


    Good Fortune!

    Lance & Mary

    • Chantel says:

      I really think you should check out the Antique shops next to a coffee shop in old Denton square.. I know for sure that there are 2 of them almost right next to each other.. The one that you can walk up the stairs to look at more stuff.. Plz..Check it out and tell me if I am wrong… I know something was there the day I went in March of 2013. Thanks..😊

  4. nancy says:

    Hey Doc. I have a true story regarding a full-body appartition i witnessed in Stoddard Hall @ TWU. Give me a holler.

  5. Wojciech Stypko says:

    Hi I’m a film student at the University of North Texas and I am doing a program about the paranormal, and I am looking for someone to interview either Friday or Saturday about tracking/investigating the paranormal. The interview itself would take 2 minutes, but overall setup of of lighting and camera could take an hour to an hour and a half. So if anyone is interested please please please email me at wojciechstypko@my.unt.edu or call me at 903-274-6627.

    Thanks guys!

  6. Richard says:

    This is a pretty cool site. Stumbled across it when I was just browsing random hauntings in North Texas. Thanks for sharing.

  7. jcw1030 says:

    I lived at bruce hall in 2007-2008 at UNT and i remember stuff happening like the lights going out, getting locked out of your room when you clearly left the door unlocked and we even heard a sound like wind in the hallway once and a crying sound. lol i think it was the ghost playing tricks on us.

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