The Cowboy Ballad of Sam Bass

Posted: November 1, 2011 in Denton History

An atmospheric interpretation of the 1880s cowboy campfire tale, The Ballad of Sam Bass!

Performed by Justin Hawkins of TrebucheT
Acoustic set at The Garage on Halloween night
Denton, TX
October 31, 2011

From left: ‘Judas’ Jim Murphy, Sam Bass, and Seaborn Barnes.


  1. […] Bass research, I also discovered that he was immortalized in song: A local performance can be seen here by a member of Denton band TrebucheT and a more traditional performance by the great Alan Lomax. […]

  2. Doc T says:

    See a documentary on Sam Bass here:

  3. […] death, the Texas Outlaw’s legend grew, helped out by a song entitled, “The Ballad of Sam Bass.” The fame of this outlaw spread as far as England in the 1800’s. There is even a wax statue in […]

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