Halloween scares on the Square

Posted: October 23, 2011 in Denton Ghost Stories, Tour info

DENTON HAUNTS is ready to dish Halloween scares on the Denton Square! This week features the ghost walk tour starting on Thursday October 27 through Friday and Saturday Oct. 28 & 29 starting at 7pm, then TWO tours on All Hallow’s Eve Monday at 7pm and 9pm!! Admission is a donation of $10, and there will be a special invitation for Sunday October 30 exclusive to Facebook friends of DENTON HAUNTS, so ‘like’ us and we’ll like ya back!

Murphy HotelSpecial thanks to Texas storyteller Shelly Tucker for her gracious review, and don’t forget the other Halloween happenings around Denton! Have a happy and safe holiday, we hope to see you on the tour!

  1. T says:

    I work at a hotel down the hill from where the old Westgate Hospital used to be. There is a La Quinta Inn built on the site. We get several people a month checking in during the night that were staying there and come to us saying they “just couldn’t stay in their room from all the strange things happening”

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