Infamous Haunting Dentonites

Posted: October 2, 2011 in Denton Ghost Stories, Denton History

Several famous Dentonians merit special attention because their ghosts continue to influence the community they loved so much. The wandering ghost of Nurse Betty from the old Homer Flow Memorial Hospital has not been deterred by the student housing on Scripture Hill that replaced the free community clinic, where her spirit after death still ministers those in need. Nurse Betty has been sighted tending to the victims of car accidents near Fry Street and spooking away stalkers of women near the UNT campus. Likewise patrolling Denton streets is the benevolent Blind Sheriff Hodges and his boxer Candy, and Emily Fowler is still found in the library that bears her name well after her 1971 death! There are also also tales of more malevolent predators from Denton’s past, such as the Manson Family’s Charles “Tex” Watson, the still-unsolved mystery of the murdered Flower Girl, the horrifying trail of Texas serial killer Henry Lee Lucas, and the Texarkana Phantom‘s possible TWU victims.

  1. […] isn’t just a place to enjoy wonderful community plays, it is also the haunt for one of Denton’s guardian spirits, Mr. Harrison! Over the years, Denton has showcased numerous entertainment venues like the regal […]

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