TWU ghost stories tour

Posted: August 28, 2011 in Denton Ghost Stories, Events

TWU's Old Main opened in 1903, the first building on the State Industrial School for Girls campus also housed the entire university.

This past Friday, Texas Woman’s University hosted a Ghost Stories Tour for their freshman Pioneer Camp and shared some of their fabled campus hauntings. TWU‘s haunted spaces include the moaning voices of Old Main, The Music building’s mysterious melodies, the vanishings of Hubbard Hall, Stoddard Hall’s mischievous phantom, The Little Chapel in the Woods’ hooded lady, the spirit of Dr. John in Guinn Hall, and many more! Fun was had by all, but even veteran tour guides admitted to some of their own eerie encounters.

DENTON HAUNTS is privy to the true stories and chilling events behind many of these hauntings at TWU and UNT, some of which will be shared in our Haunted History Tour discussion of Denton’s Emily Fowler Library and TWU’s Quakertown connections.

TWU's Old Main is visible on the upper left.

  1. John says:

    My name John, and I have been a resident of Denton for just about a year now. About 3 months ago I joined a paranormal team out of Grayson County, TX called, Grayson Paranormal Socity, we do local and somtimes long distance paranormal investigations. We recntly investigated The Old Altman Bridge, we astonishing response and evidance from; EVPs of names and growls to Photos of Orb’s floating over our heads.
    I ahve ben reading up on the haunted history of Dento and hope to find much more haunted history here.


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