Exploring the Haunts and Hauntings of Denton, Texas!

Posted: August 19, 2011 in Denton Ghost Stories, Denton History

Denton’s second courthouse nearing completion, 1876… The first courthouse was purportedly burned down by cronies of Texas outlaw Sam Bass in December 1875 to destroy court records.

My Fellow Dentonians,

Like most historic towns, Denton is haunted by stories of a forgotten past.

After trips to many cities with their own ghost tours that also excavate the origins of local personalities and places, I wondered why Denton doesn’t have its own haunted history tour and my natural curiosity turned into a research project. As demonstrated by the recent “On the Record: Denton, Then and Now” publication by UNT‘s student paper, there is demand and interest in our city’s colorful history. I am preparing to launch a Historic Ghost Tour that is faithful to this past while also entertaining with stories of ghosts and hauntings.  To accomplish this latter goal, I need your help collecting oral stories of the forgotten people, events, places, and eerie happenings that continue to haunt Denton’s nooks and dwellings. I intend to collect this haunted history for a walking tour of the Denton Square that both educates and entertains as it promotes local businesses and archival attractions with stories of John Denton, Sam Bass, Bonnie & Clyde, and more!

I am soliciting interviews, either by e-mail or in person, that share stories of North Texas ghosts and hauntings that might educate the curious about Denton’s forgotten places and colorful past. We seek to educate through storytelling and have fun doing it, first and foremost. I am not out to exploit or sensationalize (Well, okay, maybe a mite with chilling tales of spooky specters and haunted happenings). Rather, I hope to tantalize a desire to explore the history of places and attractions that most may take for granted because they tread these streets daily. The University of North Texas and Texas Woman’s University are already rich sources of oral lore, but few are aware of the fascinating tales of the Denton Square or Frye Street and Quakertown. My goal is to then offer a Tour Premiere of HAUNTS OF DENTON & Ghost Tour for Denton historians, local business owners, and the contributors of oral stories by early October 2011 so you can see for yourselves what we look to offer.

If you or someone you know might be interested in offering up ghostly tales or haunted happenings, then please contact me by e-mail or share your stories in the comments (just click on the word balloon up by this entry’s heading). I very much look forward to swapping stories about the intriguing Haunts of Denton!


Doc T

  1. st says:

    Share your Denton ghost stories here!

  2. vmaldonado says:

    I would love more information on when the tours will take place. I sent an email to a yahoo account but have not heard back from anyone. Please call me for a chat 🙂 940-382-7895.

  3. Lance Oliver says:

    A tour would be grand! Something long in coming. I’d suggest anyone wishing to conduct one to go to the tour in McKinney. That would provide a good lesson in the scope of what’s possible. Thanks!

  4. Lance Oliver says:

    We with the Denton Area Paranormal Society have lots of pics and some stories posted on the site http://www.dapsghost.com We also welcome questions 940-591-1494

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  6. Marty Swinford says:

    I have been here in Denton for 55 years. Bonnie and Clyde stop and stood on our front porch and asked for directions to Denton. My grandmother met them in Dallas and said that Bonnie was a mean woman. She saw Bonnie put her cigarette out on one of the men with Clyde. I Live just down the road from the Goats Man Bridge, in what the call Old Argyle ((really Copper Canyon area). Our house was built in the 1800″s. Living here I have seen many things change, not always for the good. I’m very glad they did not move the bridge. When I was young it was made of wood planks and made quite a noise when going over it. There was a young woman raped and murdered under the bride. I’m and artist and my first large painting was of that bridge. I’m glad it is getting some attention, because that will keep here in our area.

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