Halloween season in Denton means a plethora of spooky events blow into town along with the wet brisk weather, which is totally ideal conditions for sharing ghost stories with friends around a fire! Well gather around, ye Denton faithful, so I can share with you the strange spooky tale of the Hipster Haint known only as “The Dude” who still wanders the offices of Denton’s Grammy-winning musicians and legendary local Nuclear Punk Polka deities, BRAVE COMBO.

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The Bayless-Selby House after it’s restoration may still be home to lingering spirits!

The Bayless-Selby House after it’s restoration may still be home to lingering spirits!

It’s Halloween season again in Denton, with Day Of The Dead and coffin races and all manner of spooky fun to choose from! The approach of All Hallows Eve also means its time to share another one of Denton’s nifty ghost stories with We Denton Do It!! We’ve previously scooped y’all on The 1963 Pecan Creek Monster Hunt, some of Denton’s Ghostly Guardians, and our most famous specter that is said to haunt The Old Alton Goatman’s Bridge… but I’ll bet you haven’t heard about The Phantom Farmer said to still be mulling around the Bayless-Selby House Museum in our Denton County Historic Park! This story has it all: betrayal, murder, scandal, and more’n just a little lingering intrigue in this honest-to-gosh HAUNTED HOUSE since back in the day. [EDIT: here’s the DRC account of the haunted happenings!]  Read the rest of this entry »

Chronicling Denton History

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Confederate veterans from the Sul Ross Camp pose in front of the Denton TX Courthouse during a 1902 reunion.

Confederate veterans from the Sul Ross Camp pose in front of the Denton TX Courthouse during a 1902 reunion.

If you’d like to get caught up on our Denton history feature “Back in the Day” that we contribute to Denton’s best arts & culture blog WE DENTON DO IT, here’s what we’ve been writing about since the last update:

The Confederate Soldiers Monument on the south side of the Denton Courthouse Square has again rightly come under scrutiny after #BlackLivesMatter controversies in the national news, but what is the deal with how the Confederate Monument got there, anyway? You can then check out the moving story of Denton desegregation via high school football in our ‘When We Were All Broncos’ documentary review, and the moving story of Denton’s Civil Rights Mavens of Integration who eased the transitions for schoolkids. There’s also an essay on important Juneteenth history that has shaped our African-American communities in Texas.

1918 UDC Confederate Soldier Memorial.

1918 UDC Confederate Soldier Memorial.

The amazing Women of Denton Past tells about some notable ladies-about-town, as does our “Ode to Denton Foremothers” done for Mother’s Day.

Denton had its fair share of wonky weather in 2015, which reminded us of “The Great Blue Norther of 1911” that was a wild winterpocalypse!

This past spring, we created a fun scavenger hunt true to the legends of Sam Bass Gold said to be hidden in and around Denton!

Denton also has a lot of weird offbeat Denton sites, which you can check out in our first installment and then volume two to plan your urban adventures!

Young Ladies of Denton's Quakertown district

Young Ladies of Denton’s Quakertown district

African-American History Month offers an important opportunity to look back at Denton’s own intriguing past for our citizens of color. Today we’re gonna look at the true facts behind the historical fiction White Lilacs (1993), Carolyn Meyer’s novelization of the forced eviction for Denton’s African-American Quakertown district during the 1920s. The haunting history behind Meyer’s story offers us critical reminders why Black History Month is so necessary to counter persistent political revisionism that impairs our public memory.

White Lilacs cover

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Denton TX is full of history and mystery, and a storied past full of “School Spirit” beyond just UNT and TWU. The detective work of founding father Sheriff C.A. Williams on “The Prairie Match Mystery” maybe could’ve changed history in 1860, and Denton’s Christian Women Interracial Fellowship did make history as “Civil Rights Mavens of Integration” in the 60s and 70s. There’s also some local food history about “Denton’s 1950 Foodie Flashback” over at our We Denton Do It “Back In The Day” column!

Jim Murphy of Denton TX, childhood friend turned informant.

Jim Murphy of Denton TX, childhood friend turned informant.

The name of Sam Bass lives on in Texas folklore as a beloved railroad Robinhood bandit betrayed in his darkest hours by his good boo pard, but such Wild West pulp fiction is betrayed by a haunted history of two Texas youths entangled in the post-Civil War Reconstruction chaos of poverty, desperation, and lawlessness. These ghosts of Denton remind us of a dark past when our outlaws became heroes.

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Denton TX is well known as a unique hangout with more than it’s fair share of eccentric local characters, but we wonder how many folks know that once a year we have a bonafide yuletide monster mysteriously walking our downtown Square on December 5? Pull up a chair as you click over to We Denton Do It, kids, and I’ll explain why Krampus the Christmas Demon is the real reason you better watch out and better not cry this holiday season!

Denton’s walking undead

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Old Alton Bridge, a.k.a. "Goatman's Bridge"

It’s Halloween season, Denton ghost fans, and we’ve been sharing a few tales with our fiends at We Denton Do It about some of Denton’s most famous haunts! Many locals have thrilled to one of the variations of The Goatman’s Bridge tales that have frightened visitors for generations, but we’ve also got stories of Denton’s Ghostly Guardians who linger on to protect and serve our fair community (and a few link-backs here to our archives)!  There are many more stories to share so contact our DENTON HAUNTS Facebook page if you’d like to schedule a nighttime group tour of the beautiful Denton Square!! Stay spooky, my friends.

The Legend of Pops Carter

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Denton bluesman Pops Carter

Denton bluesman Pops Carter

Denton has more than its fair share of local characters and big personalities, but few have loomed larger on Denton’s music scene than Tom ‘Pops’ Carter, who passed on to The Big Gig in the Sky in 2012 after 92 years. This September marks the crystal anniversary of the Denton Blues Festival, one of our community’s best music events, so in celebration of this landmark fête, you can read about “The Legend of Pops Carter” over at our We Denton Do It blog. And you may also take a gander at our look back at “The 1969 Denton County Woodstock” that was the far-out Texas International Pop Music Festival, or Denton’s forgotten “French Connection” to the 1848 New Icaria utopian colony!

Denton’s Haunted History

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Crawford Store in Quakertown, 1900s

Although the DENTON HAUNTS GHOST TOUR has been sidelined for the spring and summer, the groovy fine folks over at WE DENTON DO IT have asked me to contribute to a bi-monthly history feature over at their website. So far there are articles on our city namesake Capt. John B. Denton, a story on “Ghosts of Elections Past” and a two-part “Juneteenth” reminiscence on the history of Quakertown and its legacy. I’ll be reposting expanded versions of those articles here as I can, but stay tuned for news on the this fall’s return of Denton’s ORIGINAL haunted history ghost tours at our Facebook page. Meanwhile, ghost fans, stay in the shade this summer.

If you have a group of 10 or more and would like to schedule a special event Haunted History tour, shoot us a line at!